Operation: Blockade

Operation: Blockade 1.0

Operation Blockade is an action game in which you will destroy your enemy (See all)

Operation Blockade is an enjoyable action game in which you will need to destroy your enemy. In every level, you will have a certain mission to complete, which can be engaging your enemy in the sea, in the air, or in land. You will occupy a strategic position and you won't be able to move, so you will need to use the weapons available to destroy different enemies. Every weapon has particular features, so you will need to study them before using them to take more advantage of them. Ammo is limited, so you need to be careful and use it wisely or you will have to start the level from scratch.

You can play the game on your own or with a friend in cooperative mode via Internet or LAN, and there are also three difficulty levels to choose from. The demo version only allows you to play one level, but that's enough to see what the game is about and how it looks like. However, the registered version offers multiple scenarios to enjoy. The game offers simple but attractive graphics, realistic sounds, and suitable music.

To sum up, if you like war games, you should definitely try Operation Blockade.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Three difficulty levels
  • Two modes
  • Enjoyable
  • Multiple scenarios


  • Graphics are not bad, but not impressive
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